Your complete guide to the best bathroom vanities

By Creativ Kitchens • June 9, 2016


When you’re shopping for a bathroom vanity, it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the options available. Wall hung or floor standing? White or timber finish? A single or double sink? Two taps or a mixer?

To help you make the right decision, we’ve come up with a guide to choosing the right vanity for your bathroom.

Step 1: How much space do you have?

This will narrow down your options so it’s a good place to start. Measure how much length and width you have, and remember to make allowances for cupboard doors and drawers opening, space to stand in front of the vanity and other traffic. Also leave room for a mirror, power points and plumbing.

Step 2: Choose your vanity base

Vanities come with three different mounting options:

  • Free standing – this is the standard option, where the vanity is attached to the wall but sits on legs. It’s usually the most affordable option.
  • Wall hung – where the vanity is hung on the wall and does not have legs. There is a space under the cabinet for a modern look and ease of cleaning.
  • Corner mounted – normally used in small bathrooms where space is limited, the vanity sits snugly in a corner and can be either wall hung or free standing. 

Step 3: Choose your sink

The sink you choose needs to fit in with the vanity style, the space you have and the overall style of the bathroom. Your main options will be:

  • Vessel – is usually a bowl shaped sink that sits on top of the counter and does not need an undermount installation.
  • Top mount – is mounted directly into an opening on the counter with its edges resting on the top
  • Under mount – where the sink is installed under the counter top for a sleeker appearance and ease of cleaning.

You also need to decide if you want one sink or two!

Step 4: Choose your finish

Vanities can be made from laminate, glass, metal or timber and generally come in a white, brown or grey finish. Choosing a standard finish will be more economical but gives you fewer options, whereas a custom made vanity is more expensive but gives you the style you want. 

Step 5: Pick your accessories

Sometimes you can opt for a collection, so your sink, mirror or medicine cabinet all match. Faucets don’t generally come with a vanity, so you’ll need to decide on a single hole faucet with a mixer tap, or a widespread faucet with two individual taps.

If you’d like any help with choosing the bathroom vanity that’s right for your home, please call us on 1300 856 422 or book in for a design consultation here.