Why is there a fuss about splashbacks in the kitchen?

By Creativ Kitchens • September 13, 2018

Why is there a fuss about splashbacks in the kitchen? / Creativ Kitchens Australia

Splashbacks are transformers

Splashbacks are on-trend, in demand, and they are a regular topic of conversation in home renovation spheres when it comes to kitchen looks, styles and renovations. That’s all well and good but why is there a fuss about splashbacks in the kitchen? Put simply, they can be transformative.

That wow-factor

There are plenty of reasons for the fuss, but one of the main ones is that splashbacks can add that wow-factor to a kitchen, thanks to the fact that so many different styles and materials are available these days. And it can work whether you’re doing a kitchen makeover, touch-up or full remodel.

If you are about to start a kitchen project that involves any of the above, it is likely you will be looking more closely at splashbacks and you will be wanting to find that transformative look to suit your kitchen. Here are some top ideas…

The focal point

Many kitchens now have splashbacks which are created as a focal point. They can have a look to suit your home’s feel – fun, calming or dynamic with that “pop” of colour that gives the space a special mood that draws the eye.

Glamorous glass

If you don’t like the idea of traditional tiles for a splashback, coloured glass is an excellent possibility as it offers a solid, clean surface without grout; it can also be a cost-effective choice.

Two types of glass commonly used – float glass and starphire glass. The latter is relatively clear whereas float glass has a slightly greenish tinge to whatever colour is painted behind the glass.

Compelling composite

A splashback that can turn out to be more economical than glass (but looks like it) is an aluminium bonded to a composite and finished in a metallic gloss polyurethane – which is terrific to use behind a cooktop because it is fire retardant and waterproof. While the choice of hues is more limited than other materials, it can work exceptionally well.

Traditional tiles

There is still plenty of excitement when it comes to tiles and it is still the best choice for many kitchen splashbacks. You will need a qualified tiler to install these, and if you have a healthy budget, some tiles will give you an amazing finish and look – especially behind the cooktop.

Lovely laminate

If you want to update your kitchen but you’re on a tight budget, laminate is a great choice, particularly if you want to combine the look with a kitchen benchtop. One of laminate’s strengths is that there is a huge range of colours (red is very trendy right now) though it is not recommended to use laminate behind a gas cooktop.

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