Small kitchen? – How you can maximise the space

By Creativ Kitchens • July 9, 2018

Small kitchen? – How you can maximise the space / Creativ Kitchens Australia

Personality plus

Have you ever watched one of those cooking shows that features a kitchen with all sorts of adorable details and features – in the middle of a cute apartment in Paris, of course – to the point where you don’t even notice that it’s a small kitchen? The on-point message is that if you have a petite kitchen with minimum room – don’t worry – there is so much you can do to maximise the space.

Storage solutions

Let’s brainstorm for a few functional and easy storage solutions for a small kitchen:

  • A ceiling hanging rack is a popular storage solution to store your pots and pans. Tres chic!
  • If you have any open wall space, make the most of it by considering pegboards, shelves or maybe even a table that folds away.
  • We know a thing or two about corner cupboards. It’s a place where pots and pans are easily lost and forgotten about. Make better use of the space and turn it into an optimal spot with a wire rack that rotates. It makes better use of the space and helps you find what you need easily.
  • Add another shelf to your existing cupboards or if you’re planning a kitchen makeover make sure you talk to us about making the most of your cupboard area with some nifty design solutions to maximise the space.
  • Design the best storage space for the space – logical, right? As a business which specialises in kitchen design, use our expertise to help with ideas – ranging from clever storage solutions for blind corner to narrow cabinets as the ideal pantry.
  • Be open to new ideas, including decluttering. It is the most cost-effective way of making the most of a small space.

Clever ideas

While it’s preferable to have your kitchen items in the space itself, have you considered storing some items under your stairs if you’re in a house? We’ve found this often unused nook can be a terrific spot to keep all manner of things – from a fridge to a pantry to storing kitchen items which are not for everyday use. Whatever you decide works best for you, you will find there is far more for you to enjoy in a small kitchen where you’ve maximised the space.

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