“Outside the box” design ideas for custom kitchens

By Creativ Kitchens • November 10, 2016

If you’re planning a new kitchen and want something a little bit different to a mainstream design, then you’ll need to think outside the box and create your own custom kitchen.

Whether you want a unique shape, unusual textures or a futuristic layout, here are some unique custom kitchens to help your ideas develop.

functional_kitchen_island Functional kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are generally highly functional areas and become the hub of the kitchen when it comes to socializing. Take it one step further with a kitchen island dining nook. This design not only looks amazing, it’s a fabulous space saver in small kitchen and dining areas.

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 small_units Small units

Small kitchens don’t have to be cramped and poky. Likewise, choosing a small kitchen unit doesn’t mean you’ll lose any design elements. Small kitchen units can be contemporary and compact so as to open up the remaining space.

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 swivel_options Swivel options

Love the idea of changing the layout of your kitchen on a daily basis? Well you can with a kitchen that has movable swivel options. Turn the bench tops in any direction to make the most of space, functionality and design.

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 unique_architecture Unique architecture

The idea for this kitchen design comes well and truly from outside the box. While the islands looks like they will topple over, they are strong and sturdy and make for a unique kitchen design. 

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 curved_kitchen Curved kitchens

Kitchens don’t always have to follow the traditional theme of 90-degree angles and straight lines. Curved kitchens are a thing! And appliances can be made to fit the layout.

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Kitchens don’t have to be the stock-standard design seen in most homes.

If you’re considering a customised kitchen design, speak to one of our talented and creative kitchen design consultants.