Kitchen trends for 2019 and which one is right for you?

By Creativ Kitchens • January 14, 2019

Kitchen trends for 2019 and which one is right for you? / Creativ Kitchens Australia

New year, new ideas

There is something about the start of a new year that always brings excitement, energy and enthusiasm. It’s when plans are made and dreams are formed.

So it ought to be of no surprise that talk of what the hottest kitchen trends for 2019 are already being keenly explored, discussed and shared. Which one is right for you?

It is an ideal time for you to consider what would float your boat if it came to a kitchen remodel, complete refit or revamp, while remembering that it’s a good idea to discuss all your ideas with a company who lives and breathes kitchen design.

What’s hot

To help you consider your options, here are a few of the kitchen style and design ideas coming out of the world’s top design trade fairs such as one recently held in Milan, Italy.

Design delights

Sleek cabinets, tactile textures and a cute and clever design to hide just about everything you’d expect to see in a kitchen is a current design go-to. However, one element which remains on-trend is to offer lots of open storage, perhaps as a response to all those minimalist touches.

Flexible kitchens

While many of us still love the idea of a roomy kitchen, not everyone can afford or wants a big cooking space, so the ability to offer a compact, but versatile kitchen area is increasingly in demand.

The move is to get the customer to design as much as possible so that each “station” such as food preparation or entertaining is styled exactly to their needs and every centimetre is used cleverly and creatively – a worthwhile solution for apartment living.

Colour trends

Well, this is no different to most years, really. That’s because it really does depend on who you talk to as to what the kitchen colour trends are.

Some say black is back (check out our online kitchen gallery with our sleek and functional kitchen design which incorporated island doors in Dulux black satin finish benchtop with 60mm edge in smartstone staturario venato and oven area with stainless steel with 60mm folder splashback in bar area in tinted black mirror) with a vengeance, while others argue that pastels, especially soft pinks, blues and greys, are all the rage. Which one is right for your space?

Fewer empty spaces

A push is on to use every available space in the home so areas that might not have been given a second glance now are. For example, turning an alcove into a wine storage spot or adding more functional joinery in confined spaces in the kitchen. Whatever options appeal, a kitchen with a fresh, bright look and improved functionality never goes out of fashion.

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