Kitchen Decorations - Australia Day Prep Made Easy

By Creativ Kitchens • January 18, 2017


With Australia Day right around the corner, it’s time to get out the kitchen decorations and start menu planning. Spending hours on the holiday putting together treats would be a waste, so learn how to get ready and prep your foods ahead of time. Here are some quick, easy and beautiful ideas to make your day special.

  1. Classic Pavlova

Whether or not this sweet and airy dessert was actually designed with Anna Pavlova in mind, it has certainly become a mainstay on the Aussie celebrations menu. A crisp, airy, light meringue topped with whipped cream and raspberries hits all the right notes.

  1. No Bake Vovo Balls

This re-imagined Aussie favourite takes traditional Vovo balls, pulverizes them, mixes them with cream cheese and covers them in chocolate. What’s not to like? Take 300g of Vovo biscuits. Pulverize them and mix with 250g of cream cheese. Form into balls and dip into white chocolate. To get into the spirit of the holiday, dye the white chocolate in red, white and blue. The result is an easy-to-make, easy-to-serve and easy-to-eat take on a classic fav.

  1. Build Your Own Burger

Nothing says Australia Day like a barbeque, and Australians know how to grill. Put together your favourite patty and press them out ahead of time. Then, all you need to do on the day is toast the rolls and grill up the burgers. Lay out the condiments and sides for a burger buffet in the kitchen. Add a few snags at the same time and you’ve got a classic menu that gets gobbled up quick.

  1. Chiko Rolls

Buy ahead and drop in the fryer a few minutes before serving, or roll your own chiko rolls. Based on the idea of the Chinese spring roll, you can stuff your wrappers with a homemade filling. Plenty of beef, lots of cabbage and anything else you like will create a delicious bite that’s easy to grab.

  1. DIY Decor

Print some themed stickers to decorate cups and toothpicks to make flags. This is an inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen decorations without blowing the party budget at the store. Buying in red, white and blue is a lot less expensive than buying premium prints with the flag design. Streamers, balloons and good ol’ red solo cups with white plates can round out the decor.

The great thing about most of these ideas is the quick prep. Not only are these recipes fast, they are also able to be assembled ahead of time. No last-minute rush and plenty of time to give the kitchen a good wipe down before company comes. Oh, and don’t forget the beer! No Australia Day would be complete without at least a few ice cold brews to wash down your culinary treats.

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