It’s the summer holidays, time for a kitchen accessory makeover!

By Creativ Kitchens • December 6, 2018

It’s the summer holidays, time for a kitchen accessory makeover! / Creativ Kitchens Australia

A special time

Aaahhhh, summer. For some of us, it’s the best time of the year. It’s often when we take our holidays, enjoy more time at home, and we’ve got some cash to splash.

As it’s the summer holidays, it might be a good time for a kitchen accessory makeover! You may want to do lots or you may want to tweak what you are already happy with.

Inspiration & risks

Whichever kitchen accessory makeover you go for, take time to feel inspired, take a few risks, and replicate what already works for you, so that you’ll love what you choose to do and change for many years to come. Consider your kitchen’s strengths and weaknesses and how your kitchen accessory makeover can add to those strengths.

To help you focus on what needs to be done, consider these vital kitchen accessories:


While you may have lots of pots and pans and plates put away in cabinets and drawers, why not create a new focal point for practical items and interesting pieces if your kitchen space allows?

You may want to add some colour and carefully selected design pieces such as a bowl, jug or hanging copper saucepans to add that visual wow-factor. If you’d rather keep it neatly stored away, why not look into adding clever storage solutions which can often be retrofitted.


If you’re only able to afford a modest kitchen accessory makeover, a cost-effective way is to introduce open shelving in the space as it’s a great design element. You can use recycled timber and retro metal brackets to create a distinctive yet not too overstated mood in the space. You can place some of your existing plates, glasses and cutlery – or start a brand-new collection which differs from what you already have.

Statement island

If you are keen to make your kitchen accessory makeover a significant one, have you thought of upscaling your kitchen with a statement island? If you love op shops, you may find a piece of furniture like an old timber cabinet full of character that could easily be converted into an eye-catching statement island. 


The summer holidays is often sale time and real bargains can be snapped up. If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, cooktop, rangehood, fridge or oven, do your homework (or consult a kitchen expert like us) for the best advice for your space.


A few coats of paint can work wonders if you want to give your kitchen a makeover. If you decide on a colour scheme such as classic white, consider a few pops of colour such as bright cushions or kitchen benches painted in a contrasting hue like red, blue or black. You could also paint one wall a statement colour if you feel your kitchen needs a fresh personality – and remember that wallpaper’s very much in vogue at the moment, too.


If your kitchen makeover includes upgrading your kitchen doors, benchtops, drawer handles or whitegood appliances, remember that great finishes such as timber, granite, stainless steel, melamine, acrylic and veneer are available to suit every kitchen feature. 

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