How technology is changing the face of modern kitchen design

By Creativ Kitchens • October 9, 2018

How technology is changing the face of modern kitchen design / Creativ Kitchens Australia

Technology in our lives

We all know about how smart phones and satellite navigation have changed the ways we engage with the world and drive our cars from A to B, the next technological revolution making its presence felt is in the home and no more so than in the kitchen. How technology is changing the face of modern kitchen design is many and varied, and designed to make your life easier.

Kitchen tech

So, what’s out there? Probably far more than you know, but that is about to change. Be prepared to hear and see plenty about how technology is changing the face of modern kitchen design – you’ll see it talked about in magazines, radio and television, social media and on display in many major retailers. When, for example, did you last go shopping for a new fridge? You might be in for a very pleasant surprise…

Amazing fridges

The way technology is changing the face of the modern kitchen design can start right there with refrigerators (as part of the Internet of Things) offering touch screen facilities which offers ways for families to communicate with each other, ways for the shopper to check what’s in the fridge when they’re not home, and even using it as a music hub. Who would have thought?

Let there be light

Similarly, there are many new developments in lighting. You can know expect to hear more about smart lighting and how you can set-and-forget your lighting, again meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re home or not for the lights to be turned on or off. A great piece of technology for when you are away on holidays or working long hours.

Interactive cooking

And of course technology extends itself to your kitchen and cooking – with interactive cooktops, you can access recipes, social media and more from the top of your cooktop. Rather than dealing with a fiddly cookbook recipe, you can access a recipe with just the click of a few buttons. Similarly, there is many a home cook who just loves the technology available to them thanks to the technology in slow cookers (another set-and-forget bonus) and coffee machines you can pre-set, so your caffeine fix is ready first thing in the morning when you’re still half asleep.

Clever countertops

If you’re thinking of installing a new countertop, consider incorporating one which has outlets that rise out of the countertop thereby making it easy to reach and use and reducing clutter.

Kitchen tidy

Finally, if you’re time-poor or just tired of trying to stay on top of keeping your kitchen clean, you’ll love this new aspect to modern kitchen design when it comes to kitchen cabinets. You can now find cabinets which have a vacuum compartments feature under the kickplate of cabinets which means you can sweep dirt directly into a central vacuum. We’re liking that!

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