Home office design so great you can’t wait to get to work

By Creativ Kitchens • August 3, 2016

home office design

Home office design can be a challenge for many people when it comes to design. Whether you run a full scale business from home or simply need a place to use the computer occasionally, an office is part of your home and needs to be an inviting, useable space.

Here are out top tips for a beautiful and functional home office that will have you excited about work!

  • Choose a place that works

When you work from home, you’re going to be spending a good deal of time in your office, so don’t compromise on the location. A tiny desk squished into a corner of the lounge room is not going to get the work juices flowing. Would your spare bedroom that only gets used once every three years be a better place for an office? Having everything you need set up professionally will help your thought processes, and is vital if you meet with clients at your office.

  • Get functional

An office needs to be functional and have all the furniture and accessories you need. Your desk, shelves and storage units need to serve the right purpose as well as look nice. Go for wall shelving above your desk for items you use regularly, and cupboards to shut away rarely used things. Built in shelves and cabinetry make excellent use of small spaces. And of course having a desk large enough to spread your work out and a comfortable chair are essential!

  • Add some style

Decorating your office so it feels inviting and matches the rest of your house makes the office a happy place to be in. That way it will be far more welcoming than a sterile cubicle-type office. Paint the walls a colour you love, add some wall art and framed photos, and colour-coordinate your desk accessories.

  • Work with light

Positioning your desk near a window gives you a beautiful view to look at when you glance up from your computer. Natural light is more relaxing and better for your health, and can inspire creativity. If you’re in an area with no window, choose an interesting picture or artwork instead.

There’s no doubt creating a home office that is inviting, appealing, functional and looks great will make working from home a dream. There’s a good chance it will also improve your productivity and creativity too!

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