Design, colour & style can make your kitchen look amazing – how to choose the best on-trend splashbacks

By Creativ Kitchens • February 7, 2019

Kitchen design is a hot topic

In the same way that Aussies love talking about real estate, we also love chatting and thinking about ways to make our kitchens look stunning. Design, colour and style can make your kitchen look amazing – integral to this is considering how to choose the best on-trend splashbacks.

Best room in the house

For many of us, the kitchen is the best-loved room in the house as we congregate at brekkie, gather in the space after school, at dinnertime or for a cuppa. It is the glue that brings the family together. Or it may be where a couple likes to be as they prepare a meal and share their news of the day.

Times have changed

A few decades ago not much thought was given to the design, style and colour of splashbacks, they were almost an oversight with rather staid fruit and vegetable designs a standard choice. How times have changed! Many kitchen renovators rely on splashbacks to help the room “pop”.

First choices

So what to choose for your kitchen new build or renovation? First, think materials for your space such as glass, mirror, metal, wood, brick or natural stone. Which of these seems a good fit?

Blending in

Depending on the look of your home as a whole – minimalist, rustic, country, Scandi-chic, old-world or modern to name a few – your kitchen will need to blend in and this includes your artful and creative kitchen splashback design choice. Remember, it needs to feel natural and seamless.

What’s hot

Some design experts are saying that funky splashbacks are on-trend and therefore choosing the right tiles will be what you need to consider as you may want to go “cool” or “warm” with your selection.

To the ceiling

Other kitchen stylists believe the on-trend splashback will go higher than before – to the ceiling, in fact! This can give a classic tile a modern and fresh look by creating a focal point. Some stylists argue the envelope will be pushed even further with the use of large or extra-large tiles. 

Patterns everywhere

One splashback feature many kitchen design gurus agree on is that patterns will be popular this year. Expect to see graphic prints or large, patterned tiles in bold colours. Consider if this will work for your home – is it just right or too much of a statement?

On the positive side, there are plenty of designs, colours and on-trend splashback styles to choose from – and it’s unlikely any fruit or vegies will be a prominent feature!

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