A splash of colour can make your kitchen look bigger – how do you choose the perfect splashback colour?

By Creativ Kitchens • February 14, 2018

A splash of colour can make your kitchen look bigger – how do you choose the perfect splashback colour? / Creativ Kitchens Australia

Striking splashbacks
Splashbacks in the kitchen have almost become a fashion item. That’s because they’re a striking and clever design feature that can make your kitchen “pop” as your eye is drawn to it. Not only that, a splash of colour can make your kitchen look bigger – so how do you choose the perfect splashback colour?

Useful tips
Indeed, a splash of colour can make a big difference, so here are some useful tips to go about choosing the perfect splashback colour for your existing kitchen makeover, new kitchen, or renovation to make the space look bigger.

  • Choose benchtop first
    Before choosing your splashback colour, choose your kitchen benchtop first. As you research benchtops, you’ll notice there are fewer materials and colour options compared with splashbacks.
  • What material?
    Decide on the right splashback material for your kitchen. Your choices include: glass, tiles, stainless steel or pressed metal.
  • Style options
    What look are you going for? If it’s traditional, consider pressed metal or tiles. The latter can come in a huge range of colours but remember that some mosaic tiles can be quite hard to clean compared with larger tiles.
  • Consider glass
    A glass splashback can provide a more streamlined, sleek look but it can also help make the kitchen look bigger. As well, it can be colour-matched to pretty much anything, it’s very easy to keep clean and it has great reflective qualities which will help to bounce light around the room.
  • Like uniformity?
    If the idea of uniformity appeals to you, you may want to match your benchtop materials and your splashback materials. You may want to think about having a shorter splashback in lighter work areas and a full-height splashback behind the cooktop (this will save on cost considerably if you’ve opted for stone, for example) and also looks quite smart.
  • Add some drama
    If you have chosen a neutral colour benchtop, you could opt for a feature colour for your splashback to add some drama and a focal point to your kitchen.
  • Similar tones
    Choose colours that are either similar tones to your benchtop for a more consistent look, or colours that are complementary or contrasting if you want to add interest
  • Splashback window
    Want something a bit different that will definitely make your kitchen space look bigger? Why not install a splashback window and let the view outside bring colour to your kitchen. This option adds natural light and brightens your work area during the day.

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