Greg's Kitchen


The Tempest door in white semi gloss polyurethane with a "Urban" 20mm stone benchtop and black polyurethane open shelf feature. The tall cabinets on the opposing wall features a stainless steel fridge and pantry with a pullout mechanism in woodland grey colour to bend in with the walls and floor. The blackboard is a design feature to bring out the black in the colour scheme and is a great place to leave shopping lists or messages for the family.

Design Features

  • The pantry with a Dusa pullout pantry mechanism for easy access to the back of the shelves.
  • Rustic cast iron swing handles on the doors and drawers
  • Metabox drawers and pot drawers
  • White faced dishwasher to blend with the doors and highlight the stainless steel free standing cooker.
  • Shelf alcove inergrated into wall