Home Office Cabinetry Installation

The Office or the Home Office can be designed to suit all your requirements.

The cabinets are made in coloured melamine board with a 32mm melamine benchtop in melamine or laminate. The office renovation in the home is a growing trend where more people are now working from home and need a pleasant work space in the home. Suspended filing drawers and pen and pencil trays and cable entry inserts are all available with the Creativ home office renovation. We have built custom made offices where the fold down desk hides the shelving space so that the office doubles as a lounge or guest bedroom when not in use. The fully customised home office or library shelving can be built in 16,18 or 25mm board and up to the ceiling height of 2700mm so that it looks completely built in. Please ask our experienced designers to help you with your application.

Creativ Home Office Sydney cabinetry is made with high moisture resistant melamine in your choice of colour with inset doors of the same or different colour. The doors can be polyurethane. The cabinets stand on the floor and have an inset back and cutout so that the cabinets can be retro fitted without removing skirting boards – simple!

There are many tricky things you can do to utilise a corner space. The bench top options are either laminate or the 32mm melamine with PVC edging in any configuration for one person or the whole family. A 45 degree bench top across a corner utilises normally inaccessible space. Suspended filing drawers, display cabinets or innovative foldaway desks and bookshelves can all be part of design.

If you have a home office in Sydney then you probably already understand the importance of having a quiet and functional space that makes working from home easy and pleasant. Creating a useful, enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing work space is possible in a dedicated room, in the lounge or family room or even in an alcove your didn’t think possible. It all depends on your preferences and budget.

A working Home Office must be a great place to work and fitting it out ergonomically is Creativ’s speciality. This deep grained melamine finish with open shelves and inset doors is a dream to go to work in.